IFC work Tom Savini

IFC work Tom Savini


From 2002 to 2005, Bruno de Almeida directed and produced several projects for The INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL which included hour long documentaries such as "John Sayles Beyond Borders", three episodes of "Indie Focus" with film critic Elvis Mitchell (Robert Altman / Jim Jarmusch / Bill Murray), and the IFC's horror series "Indie Screams" with the legendary Tom Savini, which was shot between Pittsburgh and Rome, Italy.

US 2002-2005


Indie Screams International with Tom Savini
Indie Screams Italiano with Tom Savini
Indie Screams Terrormania with Tom Savini
Focus on Jim Jarmush with host Elvis Mitchell
Focus on Bill Murray with host Elvis Mitchell
Independent Series: Robert Altman with host Elvis Mitchell
The Making of Touching the Void


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Março 31, 2017