Bruno de Almeida’s continues his work as a composer on CINEMA IMAGINADO - music for non-existing films.

CINEMA IMAGINADO (Volume 3) is coming out on streaming and CD on May 23rd, 2024.

Bruno de Almeida’s third installment of CINEMA IMAGINADO once again features a dynamic cast of musicians, including Graham Haynes, Ricardo Toscano, Mário Franco, Pedro Jóia. Mário Delgado, Óscar Graça, Gaspar Varela, José Salgueiro and others, especially assembled to navigate a sonic landscape that seamlessly morph between funk, jazz, fado, flamenco and poetry.


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Bruno de Almeida's award winning CABARET MAXIME stars Michael Imperioli as a cabaret owner who tries to keep his club from being taken over by the powers that be. The film co-stars Ana Padrão, John Ventimiglia, David Proval, Nick Sandow and Manuel João Vieira among others. It was released theatrically in Portugal, in 2018, and in the US in 2020.

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