The choreographer Francisco Camacho was responsible for some of the most celebrated group performances of Portuguese Contemporary Dance. “RIP” is the long-awaited piece after 6 years of research and creation of different projects other than a group piece for the stage. This performance is both a follow-up of motives and ideas explored in his previous work and a step forward, advancing them into new grounds as well as integrating lines of research not hitherto present. The tone is poetic yet ironic, contained while on the verge of being excessive. The partnership with filmmaker Bruno de Almeida, author of the projected film, contributes to the strong visual appeal of this challenging performance.

65 minutes. Digibeta/Stereo. PT 2010


Francisco Camacho, Mariana Tenger Barros, Rafael Alvarez, Tiago Cadete

Choreography by Francisco Camacho
Film by Bruno de Almeida
Costumes Carlota Lagido
Lighting design Frank Laubenheimer
Stage production EIRA
in co-production with Festival Citemor, Dupla Cena / Festival Temps D'Images
Film production Arco Films


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Maio 1, 2017