Brunos' fascination with performer-musician-artist Manuel João Vieira has led him to document the artist's work over the years. With an extensive archive that ranges from the early 1980's to most-recently shot footage in 2017, a documentary is in ever-constant production. The footage included over 25 concerts shot with several of the Vieira's bands, his art work openings, performances that includes his recent run for the Portuguese presidency and an array of the colorful madness usually associated with the magic world of Manuel João Vieira.

It's not completely sure when Bruno will complete the work, and in which format it will be distributed, thought a long format documentary and a TV series is being considered. Once asked about the length of the film Bruno estimated that a 15 hour documentary would be a possibility but since Vieira is a non-stop creative genius and a never-ending source of new material, one can never know for sure.

In production


Manuel João Vieira, Ena Pá 2000, Irmãos Catita, Corações de Atum,
Quarteto 4444, Lello Perdido, Pianista de Boite, Lello Minsk, Orgasmo
Carlos, Elvis Ramalho, Candidate Vieira

Produced and directed by Bruno de Almeida
Camera Bruno de Almeida, Pedro Portugal, Paulo Abreu
Music performed and produced by Manuel João Vieira
Collaboration by Pedro Portugal, Pedro Proença, Fernando Brito
Sound mixing Hélder Nelson
Co-producer Jorge Neves
Produced by Arco Films and BA Filmes


Posted on

Março 25, 2017